The lovely Provençal village of Roussillon is unique in France. The hill on which the village is built is formed of red earth which yields the pigments that color the stucco not only of the village above but of most of the houses in southern France.

The village houses have developed a patina of age over the centuries that tell their own story. Today the village has been "discovered" by northerners who are redoing the houses and modernizing them into holiday homes, destroying in the process the textures of the ages. Peter has been hard at work trying to capture what is left.

photo two doors with roses photo two windows
FR003/1 Two doors with roses FR003/2 Ceder and two windows
photo two doors photo blue door
FR003/3 Two doors FR003/4 Blue door in red wall
photo painted door photo textured shutter
FR003/9 Painted door FR003/10 Old shutters in red wall
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