The warm south of France is a Mecca for food. Close to
the Mediterranean coastal routes, it is the beneficiary of trade and long growing seasons of the Mediterranean countries. The markets are loaded with fresh fruit and other produce. These images are taken in our village of Esparron de Verdon against an old chapel.
photo apple, cherry and pear photo bowl of fruit
FT001/2 Apple Pear Cherry FT001-3 Bowl of Fruit, Cherries, Peaches
photo two green apples photo melon, pear & cherries
FT001/4TwGreeApples FT001/5 Melon, Pear and Cherries
photo bruised pear & fruit photo bowl of cherries
FT001/7 Peach, Pea r, Two Cherries, Apricot FT001/10 BowlCherries and Melon
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