Quinson is a charming, sleepy village at the mouth of the
dramatic Gorges de Verdon. At one time the village enjoyed a time of prosperity as the source of a water project that fed the lower Provence. It shows in the elaborate doorways and village fountains they purchased to show their success. Located along the banks of the Verdon, in a lovely valley, vineyards cover the floor from the hills on each side and support the village economically.
Photo green shutters & two barrels photo pottery
FR005/1 Green shutters & two barrels FR005/2 Close-up pottery studio
photo pottery far photo window with flowers
FR005/3 Pottery store front FR005/4 Window with pots of flowers
photo village square in the rain photo umbrella in doorway
FR005/5 Village square in the rain FR005/6 Umbrella in doorway with green door
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