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About Giclée Prints

Giclée (jee-clay) is a French term, when applied to printing means a "spray of ink". Creating a Giclée print requires the utmost care and attention on the part of the technician. In the reproduction of art, the original art work is photographed on transparency film which is then scanned into a computer and turned into a digital image. The technician then fine tunes the digital image on the computer so that when it is printed the colors are as close to the original art as possible. This requires many test prints since the color on the computer screen never exactly matches the printed results.

When the final evaluation is complete, the computer then relays the image to an inkjet printer, usually either an Iris printer or an Epson. The printer produces the image by delivering a fine spray of ink, up to a million micro droplets per second. Each droplet is four times smaller than a human hair. The display of a full color spectrum allows for the portrayal of the finest detail and vibrancy of the artist's original image and maximum resolution of color density. Each print from the digital image is identical to all before if it is printed on the same printer and media.

The Giclée is produced using ultraviolet resistant inks and the medium is chosen for its longevity and compatibility with these inks. The media is also chosen for its longevity, color gamut/luminosity and crack-free stretching characteristics. Once the ink is dry, the prints are triple sprayed with Lyson Print Guard Archival Top-Coat Spray which helps to protect the prints from moisture and fingerprint smudging. It also helps to block harmful image-fading ultra violet rays.

Care must be taken to protect the prints. Like all prints, with exposure to direct sun, in time they will show some fading. Moisture can affect them. So it is recommended that when hanging these lovely images, they should not be placed in direct sun and if hung in a moist environment, the frame should be chosen so it can be sealed against moisture. This will help ensure that the images can be enjoyed for generations.

These fine art prints are offered in limited, the editions established by the artist. Giclée prints have been shown in museums and galleries throughout the world. When generated from original photographs shot on film, they are can be considered just like limited edition photographic prints on silver based photographic paper. In fact, they are liable to last just as long or even longer based on test by the by the Wilheim Institute by Henry Wilheim.

Ordering Giclée Prints

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Order Form

Giclée Prints can easily be ordered here. These images are printed on canvas to individual order.

Sizes -The prints are available in two standard sizes:

(Small) 10" tall by approximately 7 1/2" wide (depending on the proportions of the original painting).
(Large) 18" tall by approximately 12" wide again depending on the proportions of the original painting.
Larger versions can be supplied prices on request. We supply the prints un-mounted and un-framed only.

Prices -
Small $125 each
Large $225 each

On orders of 3 or more prints of the same image, there is a 20% discount. All California residents must add 7.25% sales tax to their order.

Shipping - within the United States is by Priority Mail at $15.00 for shipping and handling for our standard two size prints. We pack and ship our canvases in protective tubes. Over night or two day delivery and prices are available on request. For shipment outside the borders of continental US, we will advise you of the rates depending on your address.

Delivery - Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. We expedite the print orders and you may well receive the prints more quickly.

Payment is to be made in full by check, cashier's check or money order in US Dollars or the equivalent in French Francs based on the current exchange rate (we will quote you in response to your order). Payment must be made in full prior to shipment.

Damage- If an item sent to you arrives damaged, you must save the packing materials in which it arrived. UPS will need to inspect these before an insurance claim can be made.

Return Policy- Giclée prints are made to order and thus there can be no returns on them unless they are damaged in shipment (see "damage" above).
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