Naive Artist Patricia Barton
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There are a total of 24 paintings of her landscapes, her people and her animals.These tiny images will give you a sense of her work. Just click on the "Gallery" button that is under each group to see the entire group with larger images. Click on any of these larger images to see a much larger image.

Midnight Tea Party Angel over Nile Les Tutus flower seller girl with cat
Lady of the Manor Strolling on the Quai Flower Picking The Ribbon Cyclistes
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Dordogne Chateau Bormes de Mimosa Bures Yvelines Cyclistes Eglise Rouge
Provence Hillside Village House in the Var Sheep in Clery Sheep in Limousin Picardie Scene at Harvest
Fall Scene in the Fall with ducks in Sericourt Village in Brie pres-de-cergy
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Rabbit dog Fall Scene in the Fall with ducks in Sericourt
Sheep in Limousin Sheep in Clery
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