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Welcome to my family of web sites!

Here you will find the site for our
Vacation Rental Villa in France, a Link to my Travel and Food Web Site

Peter's photography and graphic design portfolio site - click here

Fine artists including Patricia Barton Naive Paintings and G.S. Stuart's Gallery of Historical Figures.

You can also see my fine art photography of French country village houses at
Over time, I will include other sub-sites of interest. Just click on the text link left or above for each site to visit it.

If you are a fellow alumnus of The American College in Paris, I made a site just for us ( with photos and memories. I also made a blog ( for us too to share our thoughts, memories and todays reactions as we look back.

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If you are a member of the D'Apix family, email me and I will send you back the URl of the family tree site.